Airdrops & Community Allocations

An appropriate portion of the $BR Total Supply has been allocated as airdrops and rewards to different communities and the BitRewards Community.

In the early stages, 20% (200,000) of the $BR token supply will be airdropped to two valuable communities. These are communities which the deployer believes to be perfect matches for the BitRewards Community.

  • 10% will be airdropped to every investor who fell victim to the rug of BitBurnReflect which happened in December 2023.

  • 10% will be airdropped to all of the $BITCOIN community.

The team believes these two allocations to be fair. The BBR Community suffered, due to their belief in a bright future for similar, less innovative & centralized rewards token. This was a bright & tight-knit community which we truly believe deserves a new chance. A fair chance.

The $BITCOIN Community is also an amazing community, filled with the funniest degens and true believers in making something good, together. Since we are rewarding our holders in their token, it felt only fair to give them a small taste of it via the airdrop.

  • 10% of supply is allocated to the future BitRewards DAO Treasury.

Decentralization is important. It prevents unfortunate incidents like the one discussed earlier, and it ensures that it is the people who is in charge. The BitRewards Community are soon to have their own DAO. Within this DAO there will be a Treasury which will be used to fund ventures the Community decides upon. These ventures can (but are not limited to) include Airdrops, Contribution Awards, Raid Awards or whatever the Community decides is best for the BitRewards Community.

  • 5% of supply is allocated to the Seed Raise Contributors of the BitRewards Token.

When creating this, we quickly realized we would need a bit more initial liquidity than your average token. Thus we hosted a private seed raise, where trusted and experienced investors could contribute to the initial liquidity + initial marketing funds. The minimum contribution was 0.025 Wrapped BTC, while the maximum contribution was 0.05 Wrapped BTC. In other words, a contributor could not buy more than 0.5% of supply.

  • 5% of supply is allocated to Marketing & Development Funds

Due to the nature of the BitRewards token, these tokens are not likely to be swapped any time soon (if ever). The Rewards accumulated in this Treasury are more than enough to cover expenses for different marketing ventures, listings, development of utilities etc.

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