BitRewards Tokenomics

The BitRewards Contract is written to be as Decentralized as possible.

The BR CA automates as many of the writable dev methods as possible, while leaving as few writable methods to all.

The BitRewards Contract will be Renounced after the initial Launch Phase. The BitRewards Community is asked to propose Governance Votes, pertaining to how the BitRewards Contract should be interacted with. From the Post-Launch Phase and onwards, the BitRewards Community decide when the BR CA is to be Renounced.

The BitRewards Community can vote for, against or abstain over if Trading Fees and Rewards structures should be edited. We can choose if these should be short or longterm changes, the Trading Fees can be played with, however the BitRewards Community wants, until the day of Renounce.

The official trading pair is BR/WBTC on ERC-20, and hopefully BRC-20 too one day.

BitRewards let's its Holders earn passive Bitcoin rewards:

The initially proposed Fees & Rewards are 7.77%:

5.55% Wrapped BTC Rewards

2.22% BITCOIN Rewards

Initial Liquidity


  • 600,000 $BR + 0.6 Wrapped $BTC

  • Initial Liquidity is Burnt

Token Fees Breakdown

Final Buy/Sell Tax

  • 7.77%

Wrapped BTC Rewards

  • 5.55%


  • 2.22%

Rewards Distribution

Distribution of Rewards is dependant on Volume & Community Engagement. The more Volume, the more WBTC & BITCOIN is distributed to the BitRewards Holders. Rewards are autonomously generated and distributed, thanks to all Traders of BitRewards. The Automated Rewards System ensures that Holders of $BR are continuously Rewarded $WBTC & $BITCOIN through ups and downs. Distribution of Wrapped BTC and HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu to BitRewards Holders ensures Stability, while Rewarding it's most Dedicated Community Members.

Safety and Ownership

  • Fair Token Fees Token Fees are Automated, the $BR Contract decreases the Trading Fees by itself. The Total Trading Fees can never be written higher than 25% after trading has been enabled. There are no Transfer Fees. During the Initial Launch Phase, a fair amount goes into Liquidity & Marketing. The Swap Fees lower gradually, by themselves until they hit 7.77%. This symbolizes the end of the Launch Phase. During & after the Launch Phase, Reward and Token Fees can be changed accordingly to the results from a BitRewards Governance Vote. At the initiation of the Post-Launch Phase, All Trading Fees are swapped for Wrapped BTC and BITCOIN Rewards. The BitRewards Contract distributes these Rewards passively to all BitRewards Holders.

  • Decentralized Distribution Limits Max Wallet Limits increase from 1% at Launch, to Completely Removed by the first 3 hours of trading. This ensures a fairer token distribution, which helps with the Sustainability of the BitRewards Token. There is no writable method to increase or decrease the Max Wallet Limits. The Max Wallet Limits are only lifted by the BitRewards Contract.

  • Safe & Decentralized Liquidity Pair The Initial BR/WBTC Liquidity is Burnt. The LP Burn ensures that there are no centralized actors in charge of the majority of the $BR Liquidity. Due to the burn of the initial liquidity, the ownership is passed on to the BitRewards Community.

  • Community Ownership The BitRewards Contract Ownership will be Renounced. The ownership is with the Deployer until the Initial Launch Phase ends. This is in the BitRewards Community's favor, as there are very few, safely nerfed methods that can only be written by the contract owner. The only writable methods are written to ensure the Stability of BitRewards during it's Initial Launch Phase. The BitRewards Community are free to vote for or against calling these methods. They can for instance vote for a favorable change in writable methods that surround the nature of the Rewards and Trading Fees. Upon completion of the Launch Phase, the Contract Ownership is Renounced. Thus, the True Owners of BitRewards is the BitRewards Community.

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