Token Distribution & Liquidity

BitRewards is designed to reward good communities and faithful holders.

BitRewards Total Supply

100% of $BR Supply is Initially Minted.

  • 14,400 $BR

$BR/WBTC Initial Liquidity

55% of the $BR Total Supply is Safely Paired to Wrapped $BTC.

  • 5,555 $BR

  • 1.00 Wrapped $BTC

  • Initial Liquidity Burnt

$BBR Community Airdrop

10% of $BR is Airdropped to the Victims of the BitBurnReflect Rug.

  • 1440 $BR

$BITCOIN Community Airdrop

10% of $BR is Airdropped to our HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu Frens

  • 1440 $BR

BitRewards DAO Vault

10% of $BR to the BitRewards DAO

  • 1440 $BR

BitRewards Liquidity Reserve

5% of $BR Held to generate Liquidity for ERC-20 & BRC-20 Pairs

  • 720 $BR

Development & Marketing Funds

5% of $BR is set aside to generate Wrapped $BTC Rewards that are spent on Development and Marketing expenses.

  • 720 $BR

Seed Fund

7.77% of $BR is distributed to the Seed Raise Contributors (Initial Liquidity & Minor Development Funding).

  • 1188 $BR

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